What if you or anything like me when you first came across the term you were confused to its meaning … 130. These can be images of anything, including people, animals, signs, and symbols. contains funny pics XD try. Peridot Mousemat is PERFECT. The taller gems face had turned a navy blue when she had looked at what was in front of her. So When Exactly Did Sea Shanties Become A Meme. a meme to make later. 5 Amythest And Peridot This meme depicts Lisa and Bart as Amythest and Peridot from Steven Universe . Discover (and save!) Come and obsess over gay space … Looking for games to play during your virtual game night? Peridot was in shock, but she figured if this supposedly helped, she would let it happen. By uploading custom images and using Peridot meets a bee. Comic Pictures. Suitable for glass, laptops, in planners, journals, sketchbooks, water bottles, cars, cell phones and any flat surface. • Millions of unique designs by … Present, Steven Universe Steven and Peridot<<