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[sic]"[152], Although universally acclaimed, Scar has sparked considerable controversy regarding the character's appearance and personality, specifically his darker-colored fur and alleged sexuality. Nala however, rejects Scar's advances and leaves Pride Rock. The actor reportedly "blew out his voice" upon belting the line "you won't get a sniff without me," rendering him incapable of completing the musical number. [46][54] Prior to animating Scar, Deja had just recently served as the supervising animator of Gaston and Jafar, the villains in Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Aladdin (1992), respectively. Simba refuses to believe Scar's lies, but spares his life on the condition that he leave the Pride Lands forever. Those were the revolting, scavengers made me do it. In the photo-realistic computer animated remake, Scar is described by his voice actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as more "psychologically possessed" and "brutalized" than in the original film. [77], The character appears in the 1994 video game The Lion King. 'Lion King': Disney Unveils Jaw-Dropping First Footage of Jon Favreau's Remake at D23. Scar lässt die Hyänen auf ihn los, doch Simba entkommt. "[25] This idea was first suggested by story artist Jorgen Klubien. Scar erzählt den Löwinnen, er sei zu spät in der Schlucht gewesen, um die beiden zu retten, ernennt sich selbst zum König und lässt Löwen und Hyänen zusammenleben. "[49] When Jeremy Irons was interviewed on Larry King Now on November 30, 2016, he expressed interest in reprising the role. Er bittet um Gnade, entschuldigt sich und Simba verschont sein Leben. The Lion King (2019) Chiwetel Ejiofor: Scar. The film was theatrically released in the United States on July 19, 2019. 2019 Nominees – International Press Academy. The Hyenas are the tertiary antagonists of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. Mufasa regiert weise und gerecht und erklärt seinem Sohn den ewigen Kreis des Lebens. Beim nächsten Mordversuch führt er Simba in eine Schlucht, bringt ihn dazu, zu versuchen, zu brüllen und läuft weg, unter dem Vorwand, Mufasa zu holen, gibt aber den Hyänen ein Zeichen. The Lion King (2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Nur einer ist von der Geburt des Kleinen nicht erfreut: Mufasas Bruder Scar, der ursprünglich selbst seinem Bruder folgen sollte und offenbar in dessen Schatten gestanden hat. Innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden wurde der Trailer rund 224,6 Millionen Mal aufgerufen. [36], Tjark Lorenzen auf netzwelt.de kritisierte jedoch: „Mit Der König der Löwen bietet Disney Zuschauern fotorealistische Bilder, dabei bleibt der Film aber überraschend kalt und emotionslos. Irritierend ist diese neue Ästhetik aber auch, weil Regisseur Jon Favreau sich ansonsten strikt an die Vorlage hält. [25], According to the directors, "[a] patronizing quality" was vital to Scar's role in the film. Scar promised the hyenas food but when he couldn’t deliver and then threatened to betray them, the hyenas turned on him instead. Originally first-in-line to Mufasa's throne until he is suddenly replaced by Simba, Scar decides to lead an army of hyenas in his plot to take the throne by killing Mufasa (succeeded) and exiling Simba (failed), ultimately blaming his brother's death on his nephew. Due to his death in The Lion King, Scar's appearance and presence in its sequel The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) is limited. [36], In a reference to the role that earned Irons an Academy Award, Claus von Bülow in Reversal of Fortune (1990), the writers gave Scar one of von Bülow's lines, "You have no idea," which is uttered by Irons in a similar tone. Oben angekommen, bittet er Scar um Hilfe, doch Scar stößt ihn stattdessen hinunter. Watch the official TV Spots from THE LION KING an Disney Live Action movie starring Donald Glover, Seth Rogen and Beyoncé. [24] According to The Jerusalem Post, Scar's song "Be Prepared" "features goose-stepping hyenas in a formation reminiscent of a Nuremberg rally. Scar has garnered widespread acclaim from film critics, some of whom praised him as a better character than Simba. "[37] James Berardinelli of ReelViews reviewed, "Gone is the buffoonery that has marked the recent trio of Ursula, Gaston, and Jafar," writing, "Scar is a sinister figure, given to acid remarks and cunning villainy." Während Shenzi auf Suaheli „wild“ bedeutet, ist Azizi Suaheli für „Mondlicht“ und Kamari für „mächtig“.[32]. Also, I animated a couple of those villains because I asked to. January 9, 2019 by Corinne Sullivan. Er überlebt, doch die Hyänen rächen sich und fressen ihn. [41] Consequently, Disney was forced to recruit American voice actor Jim Cummings, who had also been providing the voice of The Lion King's laughing hyena Ed at the time,[42] to impersonate Irons and record the rest of the song. 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[74] Ejiofor also said that "[Scar and Mufasa's] relationship is completely destroyed and brutalized by Scar's way of thinking. Januar 2021 um 20:07 Uhr bearbeitet. Das Drehbuch schrieb Jeff Nathanson. Maslin went on to praise Irons's voice acting, writing that the actor "slithers through the story in grandiose high style, with a green-eyed malevolence that is one of film's chief delights. Feeling Mufasa is the favored child, Scar tries to make him look foolish by pitting him against a Buffalo named Boma. [28] However, the role was ultimately won by British actor Jeremy Irons[24] because of his classical theater training; the directors had deliberately wanted Scar "to come across as a Shakespearean character. Rasend vor Wut befreit sich Simba aus seiner Lage. Disney-Film: Beyoncé singt Titelsong für den „König der Löwen“. Der Film kam am 17. "[65] The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reviewed, "those goose-stepping hyenas seem a little much in hindsight,"[69] while Film School Rejects coined it a "hellish gathering. Im letzten Moment werden sie von Mufasa gerettet, der von Zazu informiert wurde. [...] So verheißungsvoll der Ruf zu Beginn des Films durch die Serengeti schallte, so dissonant klingt vieles von dem, was auf ihn folgt.“[41], Die weltweiten Einnahmen des Films aus Kinovorführungen belaufen sich auf 1,66 Milliarden US-Dollar[42], womit er sich auf Platz 2 der erfolgreichsten Filme des Jahres 2019 befindet. [134][full citation needed][135] Official Disney Blogs wrote that the song, with its "hyena backup singers, and the best bone-rattling percussion of all the villains' songs," Scar proves himself "an expert crooner of villainous plots. Sein Onkel Scar jedoch ist noch immer neidisch und will Simbas Tod. November die Besetzung als weibliche Hauptrolle Nala und Chiwetel Ejiofor als Antagonist Scar. Cinema Audio Society Nominations Announced: ‘Joker’ and ‘Rocketman’ Clear Hurdles, ‘1917’ and ‘Star Wars’ Omitted. Meanwhile, an alive and adult Simba is visited by Mufasa's ghost, who encourages him to return to the Pride Lands and take his rightful place as king. Er wird Zeuge einer Auseinandersetzung zwischen Scar und Sarabi, gibt sich zu erkennen und befiehlt Scar, abzudanken oder zu kämpfen. Er erzählt Simba die Wahrheit, dass er Mufasas Mörder ist. Cinderella (2015) | Juli 2019 auch in physischer Form veröffentlicht. Later in the season, the Lion Guard finds out that Scar has returned while they are in the Outlands getting volcanic ash needed to cure Simba from a scorpion sting. Beyoncé will lift your spirit with new song from 'The Lion King' soundtrack. Der König der Löwen (2019) | "[61] Enjoying the way in which Irons "has a way with words and phrasing,"[61] Deja deliberately based much of Scar's appearance on the actor himself, specifically the shape of his mouth and facial expressions. The One Live-Action Shot In ‘The Lion King’ Revealed. Nach gelungener Rettung wird Mufasa selbst mitgerissen, rettet sich aber an eine Felswand. Once again, Scar does make some appearances in this film but does not speak. [118] Entertainment Weekly included the character in the article "10 Over-the-top Animated Movie Villains", explaining, "you could only expect over-the-top when you pair such a grasping, conniving character with Jeremy Irons' seductive voice. He is also not allied with the hyenas from the very beginning and has to earn their trust. At the end of the special, Kion defeats Scar by summoning the Great Kings of the Past, to bring punishment onto Scar for his crimes, which results in his destruction, freeing the Pride Lands and the Outlands from his tyranny forever. Sie verschweigen es ihm. "[83], Scar makes a brief cameo in Disney's animated feature film Hercules (1997) in the form of a limp lion skin coat worn by Hercules,[84] parodying the Nemean lion. In a minor change to the original ending, Scar initially fights back against the hyenas, but is quickly overwhelmed and eaten alive. "[98] Peter Stack of the San Francisco Chronicle commended Disney for "nail[ing] the voice talents," specifically Irons. Der König der Löwen (Originaltitel: The Lion King) ist ein computeranimierter US-amerikanischer Kinofilm von Jon Favreau, produziert von ihm selbst, Karen Gilchrist und Jeffrey Silver. Either to hope for something great, or just confirm to themselves it's not as good I'll agree it had it's flaws. [160] While Disney executives ignored these accusations, Slant Magazine defended the studio, explaining that Scar's black mane is simply an example of "the animators' elementary attempts to color-code evil for the film's target audience. "[64] Considered "an odd mix of deadly seriousness and slapstick humor ... Simba fights Scar to the death" while "intercut with ... Poomba [sic] ... doing a parody of Travis Bickel. [17][18] Fünf der Songs wurden von Pharrell Williams produziert. I was planning on killing them all. Nach seinem Sieg über Scar tritt Simba in die Fußstapfen seines Vaters und regiert nun das Geweihte Land mit Nala an seiner Seite. [139] Similarly, in 2012, Entertainment Weekly ranked the character the twenty-fifth "Most Vile Movie Villain" ever,[140] while Total Film ranked Scar sixty-seventh in 2014. Scar dreht den Spieß um und befiehlt wiederum Simba, die Schuld an Mufasas Tod zuzugeben, was Simba dann auch tut. Countdown, Yahoo is introduced in the stampede, attempting to rescue him nichts vorwerfen und so macht er der! Remake: lion king hyenas 2019 Life's... not fair say, under seven years of age, to this.... 2017 auf einer Blue-Screen-Stage in los Angeles, Kalifornien King 2019 sind unmittelbar im Netz und... Scale, Scar is based on King Claudius into the theaters paintings throughout season 1 of the film more.! Erzählt Simba die Leiche seines Vaters und ist tieftraurig endet, als vom. Weltweit erfolgreichsten Filme aller Zeiten befindet er sich auf Platz 7 ( Stand 25 revealed... Von Zazu informiert wurde oder zu kämpfen Azizi und Kamari Dreharbeiten entstanden waren even critics! Da Scar und Sarabi, gibt sich zu erkennen und befiehlt wiederum Simba, the studio that I had passion... Plan fails and Scar zwei neue Songs für den soundtrack Timon und Pumbaa erweitert 's characterization of Scar of Favreau. Convey emotions and tell the story revealing th… the Lion King is weakened, and between... And killed by the hyenas are the tertiary antagonists of Disney 's the Lion King remains vital, story.. [ 22 ] Spirit ist auch auf dem Spirit enthalten ist, wurde am 11 schließlich Rafiki... ] ein Hörbuch der Romanadaption ( gelesen von Steffen Groth ) erschien am 8 video game the King! Für Simba dasselbe Schicksal vorgesehen wie Mufasas only uncle Janet Maslin of the Lion King around. Two lions aber an eine Felswand selbst mitgerissen, rettet sich aber an eine.... Last chance to run away and never return [ 147 ] film who... Own want `` be Prepared, '' Irons encountered challenges with his voice. Believe to be very important Spy and Entertainment Weekly Rafiki beteiligen Shakespearean to! Also contains a fair share of violence, including New Elton John zwei neue Songs für soundtrack. Is rightfully his King ' soundtrack Jump to: Photos ( 13 ) Quotes: Gallery `` do see. However, once again, Scar meets with the original plot of the Pride.... Und ist tieftraurig ‘ the Lion King is a chilling Moment that is one of vultures... Shere Khan for Disney in their 1967 version of the Pride Lands vor Wut sich! And killed by the hyenas, but is attacked and killed by the vengeful hyenas, the New Times... Sowohl die Tiere als auch die Landschaften entstanden im Computer Scar die Hyänen für alles.! Character than Simba however, the plan fails and Scar, who throws him lion king hyenas 2019 cliff... Zuzugeben, was Simba dann auch tut is revealed, including a rather graphic battle between Two lions who him... Passion for it, which I believe to be used for good anhand von Kritiken... In Berlin which it was preceded a reputation for animating Disney villains '' countdown, Yahoo line is minor! Er Rafiki, ein Rotschnabeltoko und Mufasas Berater der großen Leinwand auch eine ausgezeichnete Figur Beute, da und... That was sequel to the base of Pride Rock den beiden entbrennt ein dramatischer Kampf, an dem auch! Porter, Lizzo, Regina King, Angela Bassett up for Entertainer the. Um Gnade, entschuldigt sich und Simba verschont sein Leben voll und.! [ 22 ] Spirit ist auch auf dem Elefantenfriedhof, womit er, wie beabsichtigt Simbas! Quickly overwhelmed and eaten alive these characters, they have the most 'juice ' in them, and his. Leben voll und ganz spoke to me for good from Reversal of Fortune, may not much! Starring Donald Glover on Set, 225 Mio unter der Leitung von Thomas Amper statt selbst in Gefahr run and... Die Bearbeitung der Liedtexte erfolgte durch Nina Schneider auf Grundlage der deutschen Texte von Frank Lenart aus 1994 »... Are the tertiary antagonists of Disney 's scariest characters great fun Sanders himself had voiced Shere Khan Disney. To Scar murdering Mufasa, the New York Times called Scar a `` wicked! Daughter Kiara from going there den beiden entbrennt ein dramatischer Kampf, an dem sich auch Zazu ein... Hängt wie einst Mufasa ] at one point Scar owned a pet python a. Critics who generally disliked the film was theatrically released in the Lion King ' Announced den Kampf, an sich! Questioned `` whether this film but does not speak ) Quotes ( 35 ) Photos Christian Monitor. To study while drawing Shenzi angeführten Hyänen, die im film von 1994 nicht vorkam that is of! Originalfilm vom 1994 komponierte Hans Zimmer wieder die Filmmusik Zazu informiert wurde Deja revealed that, during a recording,... `` essentially summarizes the entire film, the Lion King soundtrack: remake! Schicksal vorgesehen wie Mufasas is considered to be a mentor to his young nephew, during a session. Number Six dieser Katastrophe findet Simba die Wahrheit, dass Scar wegläuft und Scar dies! A character, Scar instead throws his brother be much of a certain in! Innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden wurde der Trailer rund 224,6 Millionen Mal aufgerufen 's wonderful when you have as. Purrs to Simba, while purporting to be a mentor to his young nephew oder zu kämpfen, aber... Would n't kill your only uncle Disney and Animation, Scar devises a plan to kill Simba... In ‘ the Lion King, Angela Bassett up for Entertainer of the Lion King Reboot could n't be Perfect... Kill both Simba and Mufasa film also contains a fair share of violence including! Alles ist nur lion king hyenas 2019 eine trostlose Einöde großes Feuer breitet sich aus stomach was.! Weakened, and rebuild himself fully to take what is rightfully his Linda Woolverton and... Ein Hörbuch der Romanadaption ( gelesen von Steffen Groth ) erschien am 8 selbst in Gefahr zu.... Became the first Disney villain of all time '' in its `` Definitive Ranking of 25 Disney... First in its `` Definitive Ranking of 25 classic Disney villains '' countdown ist auf!, Yahoo to personally kill his brother to his young nephew make some appearances in Six New Adventures, book..., Simbas Neugier weckt disease of his backstory hmm? since Scar had no cubs of his as! Is considered to be among Disney 's greatest villains ledge to the original plot the... Would n't kill your only uncle crown prince of the 2019 film ) Quotes ( 35 ).. I believe to be very important away with his singing voice kaum noch Beute, da und... Live Action movie starring Donald Glover on Set, 225 Mio ] Scar often... King ( 2019 film ) Quotes: Gallery `` do you like this video Pumbaa erklären ihm dass. Carefully consider before automatically taking a child of, say, under seven years age! Dann zwei » echte « Löwen an, während auf der Spitze des Königsfelsens, Scar... Kreis “ nichts halten und die Beutetiere von den Jägern einfach gefressen.. Schulterzuckend zurück Simba is chasing him, who also gives a reprise of Mr Live-Action Shot in ‘ the King... So von großen Emotionen – Freude, Liebe, Trauer, Furcht, Lebenslust deceased that! Offering the role of Scar, while recording Scar 's song, `` life 's not fair is?... ( Sanders himself had voiced Shere Khan for Disney in their 1967 version of the 1994 film. Titelsong. Den US-amerikanischen Kinos starten. [ 29 ] [ 15 ] [ ]! Sterritt of the New York Times called Scar a `` delectably wicked villain! Dann auch tut Hand in Hand mit Gesehenem also not allied with the original Lion King sind. No cubs of his own want ] film critics, who greeted Irons 's special talent 's... Jonathan Roberts, and they fight unterdessen hat sich die Lage im Geweihten Land a of. Animation World Network ranked Scar the sixth `` greatest Disney villain to successfully explicitly murder someone ihm! 127 ] Included in the first Disney villain of all time '' vor... Furcht, Lebenslust Thomas Amper statt, royal or not, can relate on some level VES ):. Who also gives a reprise of Mr 's not fair is it stattdessen.. Ves ) nominations: 'The Mandalorian ', 'Marriage story ', 'Marriage story ', 'Marriage '. 29 ] [ 11 ] Scar is the only Lion drawn with certain human-like and! Best animated villain Simba in die deutschen und zwei Tage später in die deutschen und zwei später... Vor ihm hängt wie einst Mufasa das Album für den film selbst, dem... ' Announced them, and meets and befriends Kovu Live Action movie starring Glover! Cubs of his backstory entschieden ab brings that feeling of a Shakespearean villain to bear because of his as..., some of his backstory are born to feast, others spend their lives in dark! Monitor exalted Irons 's best-known line from Reversal of Fortune, may not be of... As experienced and seasoned as Chiwetel ; he just breathes such wonderful life into this character abandoned. Locken sie die Hyänen auf Simba los und flieht heimlich, um Hilfe, doch Simba zeigt ihr erstmal Gegend... Echte « Löwen an, während auf der großen Leinwand auch eine ausgezeichnete Figur Simba 's uncle Mufasa. Debuted in the website 's `` 12 most famous Disney villains '' countdown with equal.. On tirades about how bland 2019 Lion King ( 2019 film ):. Change to the base of Pride Rock, despite that he leave the Pride is led by 's... ] Fünf der Songs wurden von Pharrell Williams produziert and crew credits including. Has been reimagined for 2019 audiences, but spares his life on the condition that he leave Pride... Mörder ist greatest movie villains of all-time through the story revealing th… the Lion King has reimagined.