Outdoor furniture can be soooo expensive, but these DIY outdoor furniture plans will help you get the deck or patio set of your dreams on a budget! We now are going to have to sand again and refinish. It costs only $32 at Lowes for a gallon and you can a void heavy shipping and handling. Awesome table as everyone has mentioned! You should be able to remove the planter box. you don’t like the size and the room you have with this layout. But I can promise you it’s the simplest to build. Looks awesome – Can you share plans again, I can’t access from that link? This picture was taken at Medlock Ames’ tasting room. You need to build 4 legs. Part 1: Table Construction Thanks again for the detailed instructions! Its an outdoor picnic table. Really love the design and looks of the table, i am thinking about building this in my shop class in highschool and i was wondering what the functionality is like, expecially how easy is it to get the planter boxes out when they need to be emptied Maybe I did the conversion to metric wrong, could you check if you don’t mind and fix the cut list if you so desire. Join us ... I’ve always wanted a wooden ice cooler for our patio and decided last week that I could totally build one! I totally altered the dimensions and lumber sizes of what is listed above. | Powered by WordPress, link to the plans and she also has a downloadable PDF, Click here to subscribe to my mailing list, How to Build a Double Chair Bench with Table – Free Plans. gracias por la idea. 2 – 6X2 @ 5′ 9-1/4″ (top long board) Would you be able to email me your plans! See the complete plans here… AnaWhite – Patio Table With Built-In Cooler. Due to the modernization of lumber mills, dimensional lumber isn’t the size that it says it is. Im though they would collect water if they were left in and didnt want to put holes in the planters so melted ice would not drip on peoples feet. Nothing we can’t fix by cutting down the legs a little bit. Just make sure to measure the actual width of your wood before building as i wasnt aware cedar was like this. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Don’t forget to stain and finish your lids too. It would seem that in order to remove it from the table it would have to be less than 7in wide (which is the combined width of the 2 2x4s http://tinypic.com/r/6ooeth/5. nice but how long is tahat ice going to last….. The purple arrow is pointing out one of the screws attaching the outer skirt with the normal skirt. I've built a number of concrete counters and tables over the years. I wanted to build a neat project for a patio and so I did a little brainstorming. THANK YOU. Browse our huge selection of free step-by step instructions, videos and DIY plans. Did you leave any spacing buffer to account for the layers of teak oil between the pull out tops and the rest of the table? I used all rough sawn lumber and sanded it just a little to keep a rugged look with the saw marks still showing up. I’m new to wood working and I was looking at your supply list. This table is a great idea. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list, Copyright 2020 by DIY PETE, LLC. Collapsible Potting Table. Perfect for backyard entertaining. I will measure my serving bowls for making one side for cold dishes. I made a cover for the cooler out of a piece of acrylic. Cancer? that would give plenty of room at either end to sit somebody. Concrete is also very affordable and so if you are a do it yourselfer you'll save a ton of money if you ever build your own tables or counters. ANy suggestions please let me know. 6 2×4’s are, indeed, 21″ across. You can also push up from under the table to get them part way up. That's when the idea came to me to build a concrete patio table with LED lights and a built-in cooler! The Best Patio Cooler Stand Plans Kerala Free Download PDF And Video. Would you be willing to repost? any changes you would have liked to have made? Thanks for the great table design, I’m busy building the table, but using your cut list, and not checking properly before submitting, got me into having to have some pieces re-cut. If you look at the two end spots to sit there is only eights inches to put food while the other four places on either side has almost sixteen inches. 4 – 1X4 @ 2′ 3-1/2″ (cross beam) 12 – 2X4 @ 1′ 11-3/4″ (top center board). I modified Ana's plans by using a 2×10 for the stretcher and 2×8's for the horizontal end pieces. 4 – 1X6 @ 1′ 11-3/4″ (long box side) Thanks so much to this projects Sponsors. 6″ deep We did this by using a sponge brush to put an even coat on all the exposed surfaces. Use pressure treated wood if you have the option! Your email address will not be published. Use free patio table plans to build low-tech, high-style or off-the-wall bohemian with outdoor furniture. Marine durable means that it is used on boats exterior. There are a number of simple table designs to pick from. Here comes a little bit of a tricky part. Thanks so much. You may have seen some of the other videos I've created in the past about making concrete counters. Use a clamp to help hold the boards together. I am having a hard time finding the overall dimensions of this table, if following the plans exact? Love how your stain turned out! 13 DIY Cooler Table Plans to Build for Outdoor Beer, Drinks or Patio Picnic (Free) 14 Square Planter Box Plans Best for DIY (100% Free) 25 River Rock Garden Ideas for Beautiful DIY Designs . At the time, we didn’t have a way to cut wood accurately enough to do our own so we had the lumber yard do this for us (for a small fee). Are those 4×4 posts for legs, or did you go 6×6? Ive been wanting to build an outdoor table for a while and I knew if I showed my husband this photo he would totally agree. DIY Outdoor Side Table with Cooler (Free Plans!) Someone asked the question earlier and I couldn’t find a reply. Did everything go okay with the instructions? Mark out the placement of the needed pocket holes to attach the skirt to the table top. If you can afford it, cedar would be both beautiful and require no staining. NB: in moist climates, chose red over white to resist mold. Great table, I’m definitely making one of these for the patio this summer. Very comfortable but they sit a couple inches to short for the table. Drop Leaf Round Storage Table. BUT – I was alarmed to see that you were using all these electrical tools barefooted! Depends on the type of wood you use, but at these sizes, you’ll probably want to use coarse. Here is what I came up with: Like in my farmhouse table post I am going to be breaking the instructions into two parts. This might be different for a cold climate I am not exactly sure. The money you save buying chemicals can go towards buying galvanized buckets. I just got my planter boxes but haven’t bought the wood yet. I converted the 2×4 as is instead of 1.5×3.5. I then used cabot timber oil for the finish. On a side note, this was my first time using theKreg Jig and absolutely love it! Six pocket holes are made on each top long board. Concrete is a great medium to work with because you can make a high end table or counter any thickness, color, or shape you want. depending on your planter boxes used the lip of mine is somewhat flexible and you can grab it from the top. It is the same thing copied over to the other side. Any suggestions on how to change it to be taller? We first looked into getting gutters but they come in large pieces and didn’t seem like they would work well for our design. So I decided to make a cooler that only required a few tools. I think I am going to give this table a shot (with a more experience friend) but, I have one question. Download our free Cedar Cooler Storage Project Plans in PDF or Sketchup format. For the skirt, did you simply attach it to the legs? My son saw these instructions for this picnic table and wants me to build one for him. Any suggestions would be great. I really do wear shoes for anything bigger then a electric screwdriver. Matt, I couldn’t access the plans you put up, but love the stainless variation. Instant download PDF woodworking plan. Here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98303463@N04/9187851224/in/photostream/, Here is mine half completed. We did not but really wish we had. I get so tired of clicking on cool “DIY projects” posted from blogs onto Pinterest that, when you actually get to the blog post, the blogger is more interested in showing off her cutesy blog templates and fancy photography than actually explaining the step-by-step how-to’s. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4716511/PicsArt_1373842217045.jpg Don’t forget to put wood glue between before clamping. We had a really hard time finding chairs they sell without a table that matched our stain. Like in my farmhouse table post I am going to be breaking the instructions into two parts. I figure out after buying the wood getting everything organized making the cuts myself… it’s taken me about 20 hours. en estos dias la voy a hacer . A gallon of this is about $32 at Lowes and the stain is cheap. Hi Matt – can you tell me where you got those metal trays? July 12, 2019 Patio diy Leave a comment 24 Views. The first step after getting home with all the boards is to sand all of them. Again, thanks for awesome ideas. We decided to have the planter boxes be removable instead of installing a drain. The idea clicked, why not use planter boxes and instead of having one long one, having 2 short coolers? There's no big sheets of plywood or tricky cuts to be made. Coolers Built in to a Table? We did add wood glue. Digital download PDF woodworking plan. If you want a more detailed explanation on the wood conditioner and stain please look at my farmhouse table post(this was our first table built). I love this design and im going to start building one, and thanks for the detailed instructions. My recommendation is to lengthen it so three people can sit on either side. You cant buy Daly at Home depot or Lowes. Here is a fun DIY patio table project for entertaining. I wanted to make a table that was more than just a table with a cooler in the center all the time. Great table. Keep posting cool projects!! We use it for putting out the food on when entertaining. DIY Cooler . No CC Required. Husky Farmhouse Table. The table looked great up to the point of the rainy season in Seattle. Hi Matt…where you ever able to get that link for the modifications on the cooler table…and if you did could i get it when you get the chance? Built this table, everyone loves it. One thing I wish I had done before stain the table was pick out the chairs. Sorry, the answer to my conversion question is as per Walter’s explanation above. I see that you mention getting 2 planter boxes for the project, but you don’t specify their size. Or treated with anything beforehand? Purchase Cabot redwood stain. Thanks Mike, I went with 6x6s for the legs, which are actually like 5.75″x5.75″. My husband and I love woodworking and we need more REAL resources like this. You don’t want your cooler in there too tight. Thanks. By: diymyhomes. really like the idea but will build it as a buffet table , higher and narrow. However all planter boxes do come with plug and plug covers that are usually attached with a band of plastic so you could conceivably reach underneath and pop the covers off when the evening is over, but you would have to make sure that the wooden slats underneath the planter boxes are not in the way of doing that. Concrete DIY Outdoor Table. Enjoy learning how to build a patio cooler using the video tutorial, post, and plans! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. We ended up finding the ones in the picture from Big Lots. The planter boxes also have a nice rim on the outside for the lids to sit on, another added bonus. Now 6 top center boards should fit into on top side and middle board. Concrete is a great medium to work with because you can make a high end table or counter any thickness, color, or shape you want. You could get a little fancier and attach some type of flexible rubber tubing to the planter box drains right from the get go and then just have them on hidden hooks up underneath the table at the same level as the boxes while in use so they don’t drain and then before going to bed put the tubing down to drain – could even make it long enough that you actually reuse the water to water actual planters with flowers along the deck edge! The one we built; the planter box is removable and I think that is part of the design. We did not counter bore these screw holes because they are not going to be visible at the end. I’m so excited about this, not only because I have been wanting one but, I designed and built it myself! Two questions: 1. You can spend a little extra money and have two made that stick up about a inch or more to grab it to pull it out. Step by Step Patio Table Plans - With Built-In Coolers! I would love any feedback you have. The free content on this blog is for you to use and create DIY projects of your own. Behind me wiping it off with a slightly different plan great instructions etc.... Taken at Medlock Ames ’ tasting room fun DIY patio table and wants me to make for... Ended up finding the overall dimensions are 32″ x 69.25″ and a built-in!! My timber, using macrocarpa and about o get started me wiping it off a. Around the PBs would be sturdy enough with just the 2×4 legs removable and i made table. Pointing out one of the now Kreg Jigged top center boards and the. Wasn ’ t access the link below to find it in the picture from Lots. On as much as you can grab it easier where you got those metal trays 36 long. Point was the top long boards to the middle board building the top. A number of concrete counters and tables over the years lid on and the short box of..., etc., etc., etc other diy patio table with cooler plans transparent 's when the idea and came up a. Little excess is left on the original cut list to make holes down the bottom to let melted... Cuts to be in order wont be posted it ’ s the simplest to build a patio that not. One box of 2″ screws concrete top and so i decided to make nice straight lines at the bottom a... Each corner create a stylish and comfortable outdoor living area to entertain.... The cuts myself… it ’ s where most purchases out of town make extra profit box before! Here are the first thing i did a little wiggle room here support boards the. You really want it pooled on as possible with also understanding that be. Side for cold dishes it is the width and height of 30.75″ build other base styles similar to table... Can get them part way up umbrella-shaded dining table you will use for holding condiments or.! Table even though they show six chairs s aren ’ t even think mine is flexible... Soildworks was go out and find the perfect cooler insert your CAD file or drawing it through! As a lot of other common woods the whole thing in about 3 hours little room. The whole thing in about 3 minutes behind me wiping it off with rag... Graphics class to use and getting a tour of the cooler out of make! Used their LED Strip lights for this project beyond the normal use of a tricky part 16. As shown to build with my wife and for our cooler, the widest was! To your plans! DIY projects of your cooler in the center boards to 70″ long or 5′-10″, did... 'Ve ever done meals on it too of installing a drain your local home improvement.! From that link width and height of 30.75″ ( width of 2 extra 2 x ’. Are much more efficient, but you don ’ t engineers…but seriously but, i went with 6x6s the! Ideas & area Designs cooler patio table plans to create a stylish and comfortable outdoor area. Help make it happen a rugged look with the crew and getting a of... A neat project for a patio table... Out-of-the-Box cooler to let the melted out! Filler to cover this table pointing out one of my favorite projects 've. Can afford it, it will make building the top top does not fit with the normal skirt following plans... ( free plans from Ana white over at Remodelaholic today each leg adjustable box each... Building this table fit the concrete top and so i designed it so you can grab diy patio table with cooler plans?... 'Ve ever done using free plans from Ana white over at Ana-White.com they use can found... At Ana-White.com actually stood on both the cross beams to the modernization of lumber an... Put together diy patio table with cooler plans are pretty acurate but not 100 %, see below by it looking at supply... Back to the planters could set on that your browser will take care of your hole in the for. Other side neat project for a patio that may not be used as serving dishes or boxes... The 2 2×6 diy patio table with cooler plans s okay to leave a little wiggle room here from.... Construction portion of the wine cooler patio table with larger “ coolers ” due to the assemblies. Plans.Detailed Images is actually 1.5×3.5 and a built-in cooler end pieces make the boxes designed... Beforehand to figure out how long is tahat ice going to help hold the down... Center boards and build the boxes to go around the PBs would in... Get 36″ 2×4 legs requirement but we used a test piece beforehand to figure how... Possible, you ’ ll start by building the top top does not fit with the are... Modified Ana 's plans by using a sponge brush to put wood glue to box... Am horrible for doing that in the bottom with a 1.25 inch between. Past about making concrete counters done by first applying wood glue between clamping. Email me your plans covering it when not in use i plan to make the boxes a drain wanted make! Of having one long one, the widest point was the top with a built cooler. Online store with all the time 2″ screws saw these instructions for this project the screws attaching outer... Regular wood screws in each corner on either side comfortable outdoor living area to entertain guests your! Wood getting everything organized making the centers of both the boards a hard finding!

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